Aria of Chaos

Meeting at the Fissue (Nov. 23rd)

The five adventurers were all surprised to encounter each other inside the fissure. For a moment they all stared at each other, surprised to see others at the same place they were. The silence was broken when Majorum started to climb up the wall of the fissure. Aran disagreed with her taking this course of action, thinking it highly suspicious and grabbed ahold of her ankle. Trilynne tried to intervene, sensing that no one here was immediately dangerous to each other, and that grabbing people’s ankles was a bit rude. Aran released the rogue, and she dropped back to the ground, exclaiming that she didn’t know anything. Victor inquired as to why everyone was here. Addis stood by, quietly bemused by the others yelling and scrambling around.

Tril replied that her superior, Florence Moore of The Knights of the Silver Sword had sent her. Majorum proclaimed that no one ordered her here, no one was paying her to be here, and that she wasn’t here! But the others didn’t believe her. She amended by saying that she was investigating the giant fissure, and that everyone else seemed to be here for that reason to, which everyone assented that they were.

Victor pointed out that they all might benefit from working together, seeing as no one was actually here to kill anyone, and that perhaps they all might investigate some mysterious doors he had discovered in the fissure. Everyone trooped over to look at the doors, Aran still keeping an eye on Majorum.

As they moved, they heard a sound from another section of the fissure. Turning to look, they saw a large, reptilian shape with wings, entirely composed of fire. No one in the group knows what it is, beyond it being large and made of fire. (Majorum proposes offering it the warlock, which doesn’t go over very well.)

It vaults over the boulders between it and the group, and roars in an entirely menacing way that leaves no room for diplomacy. Battle ensues. The group is clumsy at first, not used to working together, but they eventually succeed in defeating the demon-beast without getting too badly hurt, mainly thanks to Aran’s large and accurate sword, Majorum’s quick stabbing daggers, and Addis’s healing abilities. The young blaze wyrm sinks to the ground as a pile of ash, it’s fire extinguished. ((This battle took almost an HOUR. xD))

With that difficulty out of the way, the group returns to questioning each other as to motives and reasons why everyone is here. Tril points out that they made a good team, fighting that beast. Aran adds that some people in the group need someone who can hit things. They introduce themselves to each other, except for Majorum, who insists that her name is Anne. The group doesn’t quite believe her, but since she offers no alternative, they accept it, for now. Tril recognizes that Aran is a Deva.

Then they remember that there is a door to investigate, conveniently away from the area where the fire-beast emerged. But, it is locked. ‘Anne’ checks the door out for traps, and finding none, attempts to pick the lock, but it entirely unsuccessful. Aran decides to attempt to break the door down. Addis has lost interest and wanders into another passageway on the other side of the fissure from the door. The others watching the door see a faint glow emanate from it as Aran strikes it with his sword. Tril, against all odds, recognizes it as a ritual that she had seen before in Altur, called Arcane Lock, which makes a door very difficult to open either by picking the lock or breaking it down. Victor and Majorum join Addis in investigating the other passageway, but Aran stubbornly continues to hack at the door, not really making any progress. Majorum attempts a Sly Flourish, but it doesn’t really work against the door… Tril tries to help, but also doesn’t get anywhere. Tril has a sudden stroke of brilliance and points out that perhaps there is a key to this door. Tril follows the others, and Aran finally gives up as well.

In the other hallway, Aran heads in front of the others, and promptly falls down a trapdoor pit.

((interlude while the dungeon mat is cleaned… unsuccessfully… because we used dry erase markers on a surface that needs wet erase markers…))

After fishing Aran out of the pit, they continue down the passageway, this time keeping an eye out for traps, (and staying well out of the way of the trap door this time) until they reach a door. This door is easy enough to open, and reveals a lit room. It’s a long room, with a dais at the other end of it, which has a large, cracked sphere on it. Behind the sphere is a bearded man who is dressed in red. There is some furs and furniture around the room, and some more door(s).

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” exclaims the man. Aran asks him the same thing, and asks what the sphere is. Tril explains that they are travelers and are just exploring. ‘Anne’ asks if he knows that he has a pit outside his door.

“Yes, I do, it’s to keep out intruders like you,” replies the man. “And why are you exploring in the middle of the forest?” Tril explains about the giant earthquake, and how they were all sent to investigate. She asks the man if he knows anything about it.


Tril asks if he would be willing to tell them.

“There isn’t a compelling reason for me to do so.”

‘Anne’ points out that lots of people are concerned about the earthquake, and if they don’t get answers, more people will come exploring and bother him. Tril adds that these same people don’t want the earthquake to happen again, so they might be willing to reward him for helping to fix whatever caused it.

“Hmm… interesting point… well, I might be able to tell you… but I’m not sure…”

(someone) mentions that they fought an elemental beast outside, and that the fissure may have opened a way down to the Elemental Chaos is some way.

“Ah, yes… well, I recently came across a strange object that I tried to use with my sphere, and when I did, it seems to have caused both the earthquake and also the crack in my sphere. I don’t fully understand it myself, but my use of the sphere prior to finding this object never resulted in any catastrophic occurances, so I’m willing to bet it was the object.”

Addis inquires as to what he was trying to do with the sphere.

“Well, I don’t fully understand the power of the sphere myself, it’s a magical object that can apparently control the earth around it, but once it’s set up, it cannot be moved, so I came out here to conduct some experiments in peace… well, you have your information, will you leave now?”

Aran attempts to move towards a door behind the man, and he cries out “Stay back! Stay back! What are you doing?” Victor inquires as to what is behind the door.

“Just another exit, nothing important.”

Addis inquires about the other door, the one Aran tried to break down earlier, if he has the key to it.

“Yes, I do, that’s my storage room.”

He seems to be telling the truth, but is perhaps holding back another piece of information. Victor asks if he would mind if they looked about a bit more.

“Well, yes, I would mind if you searched my bedroom, or my storage room, or… look, i’m somewhat threatened by your presence, and I would prefer if you left!”

Addis tries to get a better look at the sphere, but he yells “Don’t come any closer!”

‘Anne’ carefully peaks under a pile of furs without the man noticing. She sees the limb of a construct.

“What do I have to do to get you to leave? What have you been sent here to do?”

Tril replies that they are trying to find the source of the earthquake.

“Okay, you found it, is that not enough?”

Victor mentions that he needs to bring proof back. Addis wants to know if this earthquake will ever happen again.

“Well, not as long as my sphere is broken!”

Tril asks if they could have the object, the piece of glass, to bring with them as proof. Aran adds that it won’t be very useful to him anymore, if he doesn’t want any more earthquakes.

“Would it get you to leave?”

The group collectively says that as long there is no more earthquakes, then yes, they will leave and not return.

“Well, let me think… there might be something you could do for me, to compensate me for the piece of glass.”

Tril readily agrees, and Aran more cautiously inquires as to the nature of this favor.

“Well, the fissure has rather separated me from my storage room, and it has been invaded by a number of creatures, that I don’t really want to dispatch on my own. If you would retrieve the residuum from my storage room, I would be able to repair my sphere, and I will give you the object.”

Aran compliments him on having a very secure door, and they leave the room, heading to the storage room.

((If you find any mistakes in this or feel I have taken a bit too much artistic license with your character, just let me know… or I think you might be able to fix it, being a wiki. I dunno. :P And the grammar is awkward, I know, because it’s difficult to pin down exactly what people say a lot of the time… >.>))



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