Aria of Chaos

Of Crates and Thugs (Nov. 30)

The group goes back to the door Aran had tried to bash down earlier, and unlocks it using the key the wizard gave them. The room has pillars in it, and a large number of boxes, some of which are broken open, leaving alot of debris on the floor. There is a large pit in the center of the room, separating the entrance from the boxes, that is about 20 feet deep.
“Well, Anne, do you think you could get us down?” Tril asks.
“Anne? Who’s Anne?” Majorum asks, confused.
“Didn’t you say your name was Anne?” Tril raises an eyebrow.
“Oh, yes, of course. Let me see…” Majorum peers into the pit, and doesn’t see anything of interest, except a series of ledges on one side that look like a convenient way to get up out of the pit, but only if you want to get back to the entrance to the storeroom. She pulls out her climbing kit, and sets up a rope for them to climb down. Majorum goes first, and makes it to the bottom with no trouble. Addis follows suit. Tril isn’t quite as graceful as the rest, and falls partway down, injuring herself. Aran stumbles and also hurts himself. Victor also slides down, and collects a few bruises on the way.
Majorum collects her rope, and they head over to the other side of the pit. The wall here is a bit shorter, and she locates a place to put her rope. Majorum tries once, and then has to try again to pull herself up. ((and is eaten by a gru)) She sees a four-legged creature that seems to be made up of swirling dust peeking out of a large crack in one of the boxes.
“I was sent by your master to collect some things for him,” the rogue tries to explain, but the creature shows no recognition of what she says, and moves menacingly towards her.
“Uh, guys, get up here!” Majorum calls down.
“Working on it…” replies Tril.
After a lot of scuffling, people climbing up and (falling) down the wall, including a rather impressive jump by Aran, the tallest of the party, they defeat the dust creature, and its friends.
They poke through the boxes, except Victor, who never managed to make it to the top of the wall, and find some gold, arcane reagents, and the risidium the wizard requested. Except Tril, who locates the boxes.
They all jump down into the pit, and then climb up the other side on the handy ledges.
As they leave the room, Majorum asks Tril, “Say, is your order of paladins an all-female one?”
“No… why?”
“Oh, just trying to get to know you better…”
They return to the wizard. “Ah, you’ve returned!” he says, “Did you bring my risidium?”
Majorum shows him that they do have it.
“Give me the risidium, and I’ll give you the object.”
“How about you show us that you have the object, and we’ll do an exchange,” Majorum suggests.
“Fine…” he goes into another room, and returns with a bag, which he holds out. “Now, give me the risidium!” He seems to be honest, so Majorum makes the exchange.
Inside the bag is what appears to be a very smooth piece of glass, that is iridescently coloured, like a soap bubble, and the colours seem to shift every time you look at it. It feels almost malleable, and will shift slightly, though it doesn’t move much beyond a blob shape.
“Now, leave me!” the wizard snaps. The group obliges. As they leave, the wizard begins to repair his sphere.
“Well… I need to take it back to Altur…” Tril says.
“So do I!” adds Aran.
“But I need to take it to my tribe…” protests Addis, “And they’re only a few days journey away. And we’d be able to buy supplies!”
“Looks like I’m stuck with you guys, then, until you’re done with it…” grumbles Victor.
“And I’ll have to travel the furthest away of any of you,” Majorum comments.
“Oh sure,” Victor speaks in the Eastern dialect, “you’re from very far away!”
“Farther than a young whelp like you,” she replies in the same tongue.
Tril looks confused, and Victor turns away in a huff. “Well, I guess we’d better head to Addis’s village, since it’s closest!” Tril declares.
“And I’ll come along to Altur, as long as we go to my place after that,” Majorum adds.
((The ameboa party sets out :P Watch out, or we will phagocytoze you!))
They leave the fissure by the northern arm, they spot some people on the southern end, too far away to see who they are. They party heads into the woods, figuring that the wizard will blast any further intruders. After several hours traveling, they realize the group of people from the fissure are following them.
“Guys, I think we’d better not tell them we have the stone,” Tril helpfully points out.
“Your brilliance continues to astound me,” Victor says sarcastically.
Tril eyes him. “I don’t think you’re being very nice to me…”
Aran interrupts. “I think we should plan an ambush for them,” he suggests.
“But won’t our tracks show where we hid?” says Addis.
“Look, if they follow your tracks and say ‘look, these lead up to this bush,’ then smack them!” Majorum says pointedly.
“You’re so smart, Anne!” Tril beams at the rogue.
“Yeah, we’ll talk about that some other time.. anyway, I think this is Hoshir… he’s like me, but without morals,” says Majorum.
“You have morals?” exclaims Victor.
“I have a very strict moral code!” Majorum shoots back.
The group spreads out and hides in and around the trees. As Hoshir’s group comes into view, Majorum hand-signals ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry’ to her companions. Hoshir and his thugs all have their weapons out and do not look in any way open to negotiation. The party beats down the various thugs and hired weapons, and when Hashir realizes he is alone, he turns tail and runs. Victor fires a spell at his retreating back, but it misses. ((“knife to the Hey I’m over here!”~Sarah))



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