A quick-witted rouge with a thing for men in uniform.


Name: Majorum

Gender: Woman

Alignment: Good enough

Deity: Anyone who will listen, and get me out of this jam.

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 135

Age: 20

HP: 26

Speed: 6

Init: +4

Str: 9

Con: 14

Dex: 18

Int: 10

Wis: 12

Cha: 14

AC: 16 Fort: 13 Ref: 17 Will: 13


Majorum dark black hair is pulled into a low bun, and her broad smile and warm brown eyes do not seem to fit the sly rougeish behavior. She wears clothing that is appropriate for sailing at all times. Although she wears a tunic and pants with her leather armor, her tunic appears to be lovingly embroidered with delicate flowers.

Backstory: Majorum was the only daughter of a prosperous innkeeper and public house proprietor in the fishing and trading village of Safeharbour. She was studying to be a treasury clerk, succeeding partly through determination and discipline. However, hard times (brought on by offending the only licensed ale and spirits merchant) fell upon the Drunken Fisherman. The only drink that was still served was a local fermented seaweed product, despite it’s surprising good taste the monotony resulted in a loss of business. No longer able to afford their children’s education, and worried about being unable to support them at all, Majorum’s mother and father found suitable employment for their 3 sons. However, without further training Majorum could not pursue her chosen field, nor were women permitted in the local militia. The marriage offers for a half-trained loud-mouthed sword-wielding barmaid were not forthcoming.

Majorum’s options seemed limited, until a family friend offered her employment in his “overnight expedited shipping” company. She learned the ropes of sailing, as well as how to handle a rapier under the guidance of the good Captain. “Majji” loved the camaraderie and thrill of smuggling.

Eventually the time came when Majji could learn no more about swordplay from the Captain, and asked to leave. Upon he leaving the Captain gave her his own rapier, which has become almost a lucky talisman to Majji. He gave her a contact in (place) to continue her career.

Majorum’s employment was satisfactory. (name1) was a decent sort who turned down jobs he deemed to be too unethical or too dangerous. These jobs were snapped up by (name2) who has become Majorum’s arch rival, at least in her mind. Aside from the bitter rivalry and work, Majorum spent her time

When (name 1) asked Majji to investigate an earthquake up North, she wondered what could be profitable about an earthquake but agreed to go. Nearly two months journey through cities, towns and woods brought her to her destination with only a minor setback.

A few of (name 2’s) thugs were following her, but the heel of the rapier and some rope took care of that.

Upon reaching her destination she found a huge crack in the earth. After much deliberation, she investigated by walking down through the bottom of the fissure. When she found out she was not alone in this, she cursed old (name1) and attempted to climb out of the pit.

This was thwarted by some large blue hulk who grabbed her by both her ankles and insisted he wasn’t going to hurt her. Majorum didn’t feel like giving him the option either way, but agreed to climb down – temporarily. Of course her plan to leave and wait for these people to go so she could investigate in peace was canceled by the arrival of a chunk of fire, shaped like and acting like a dragon. Figuring her chances against the beast were good if she stuck with the others, she fought alongside the strangers.

Love Interests: Majorum has no particular love interests at this point, but she dreams of a knight in shining armor. Literally. The more law abiding and righteous a paladin is, the more Majorum falls hopelessly in love. This never works out well for her, but she doesn’t give up. Some day her paladin will come.


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