Aran Naughtfried

A headstrong and somewhat frusterated Deva in search of life's great answers, universal truth, and things to smash.


Standing 6’3” Aran Naughtfried is a sturdy example of the Deva race. Not that he would advertise that. There is a time in everyone’s life when one first realizes the inevitability of death and seeks what solace or despair they can find. For Aran, the Deva rebirth cycle has taken its toll on his patience. Faint echoes of memories taunt him with past knowledge and skills just beyond reach. Although he once may have been a favoured and zealous instrument of his god, that time is long past, replaced by apathy, frustration and a drive for retribution against the universe at large.

Aran can be easily picked from a crowd by his face, light skin covered in thick, dark runes. Barring that, he frequently wears a heavy dark blue hooded cloak with muted silver buttons.

His god no longer cares enough even to let him know what he or she wills, or even who he or she is. Burdened with this realization Aran strives to fight for existence one day at a time. God or no god, carpe diem. He is callous, jaded, and friendly only so far as it could benefit him. If becomes your enemy, kill him while you have the chance. He has a temper and a sword likely taller than you.

Over thirty years of keen learning and political maneuvering has granted Aran social status and a reputation in the upper circles of (his city state) for being a decisive, and influential resource to the city. (to be expanded on)

Aran Naughtfried

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