Victor Larke


(Where’d I put that sheet…)


Born to a multilingual town, Victor Larke was sired by a seemingly humble Book Keeper, where his biological parents unfortunately lacked the adequate lifespan to raise him. Victor knows not the cause of their untimely deaths, nor does he waste time contemplating that fractional moment of his life as it were. He learned at a young age to avoid affections for others out of fear of loosing them. Such lesson was reinforced by the humble Book Keeper who just so happened to be less than humble with Victor’s upbringing. Though the Book Keeper was a respectable upper-class man, rumors were rampant with suspicion of his allegiances with an underground occult. Therein, Victor had the rare fortune of being tutored by a man with an alter ego. The Book Keeper raised the boy with a cruel hand, confining him to studies of the dark arts that would one day make him a suitable member of the occult, among other uses.

The strain had turned the boy bitter and defensive amongst his peers. By thirteen, the pigment in his hair had gone from pitch black to stark white, his lean physique became vertically stretched by malnutrition and an inherently tall lineage.

The only person in Victor’s youth that challenged his frigid attitude had unknowingly become his friend. Said friend was a Street Urchin by the name of Lenard. While initially picking fights with the warlock to prove himself heroic in doing so, Lenard eventually made it a routine activity to scuffle with the amateur warlock, who in turn, scuffled back. A beneficial friendship was forged between the Warlock and Street Urchin; Lenard dispensed streetwise advice to the novice warlock, which Victor repaid in teaching the Street Urchin how to read.

Their antics to continually challenge each other had one day formed a dare to breach the more restricted books personally owned by the Book Keeper. While they had planned all means to a stealthy entry, the pair hadn’t planned a means to a back-up plan, should the Book Keeper return early. Caught in the act, Victor could only watch as the Book Keeper delivered ‘just’ punishment to himself and the Street Urchin. What remains now of Lenard is a bleached skull, lying dormant in the basement of the Book Keeper’s Library. Victor had been subjected to watch his only friend’s demise.

Beaten into docility, Victor remained under the Book Keeper’s watchful gaze in years past. Although still contemptuous of what the Book Keeper had done to his former friend, Victor could only wait until opportunity struck. That day came coincidentally when the Book Keeper was hit by a rogue carriage of undelivered masonry. Most claimed his death an unfortunate accident and nothing more. Coincidentally, Victor had recently gotten his hands on a book of Hexes prior to the accident…

Packing what little belongings he owned, Victor ventured forth by the age of seventeen. He made due with his knowledge of the dark arts to fool commoners of their wealth. Careful not to form anything more than formidable acquaintances, Victor commissioned himself in tasks that would prevent him from getting comfortable with each passing town/village. Staying in one place for too long tended to evoke an edgy behaviour from the Warlock. In his journeys, Victor had encountered an elderly warlock of seemingly benevolent stature. The alliance proved mutual, as Victor benefited in lessons of the dark arts while the elder Warlock gained an able-man willing to travel.

...Which eventually led him onward to investigate a mysterious fissure formation in a far-off land. There, he encountered four other travelers ongoing a similar mission. A reclusive shaman of bestial appearance. A guarded deva, which Victor decided it wise to distance himself from the deva as a natural cautionary step. A charming paladin, who, though contrary to his own initial suspicions, is wiser than she looks. And a rogue, whose Victor’s standing tolerance for her remains as fickle as her own name(s).

Appearance: There is little color to Victor; All but a scarlet sigil marked over his left breast and his pale blue eyes dot his black and white appearance with color. Despite years of journeying on foot, Victor still retains a gaunt, spindly appearance. Standing tall at 6’2”, he conceals his narrow build with a heavy cloak laden across his shoulders. Clothed in black leather vestments; he wears a loose black blouse, and over that, a vest buckled down the front with leather cording. Long, form-fitting leather gloves wrap around his hands and forearms. Tall boots and leather trousers shape his thin legs.

Belongings: Other than the average journeyman’s gear and the clothes on his back, Victor travels light. There is only one item he owns for personal measure and nothing more; a bleached skull.

Personality: Short temper, easily provoked, crude sense of humour, avoids social contact unless otherwise indenting to swindle or exploit others for his benefit. Though never openly admitted, taunts and mocks those closer to him (that or he really-really- doesn’t like that person/species). Jealous nature with species that have unnatural longevity or higher advantage in his class of magic.

Victor Larke

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